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Five decorating tips to get scale right in the home

08/07/16 in Interiors

Designing a room takes careful planning in order to make sure the objects within it not only suit the decor but complement each other in size and scale. It might take some reworking and you won’t always get it right first time, so below are five decorating tips for getting scale right in the home.

1. Long walls

Long or large walls can present a design problem in the home. There is a desire to want to cover it with portraits or pieces of art in order to achieve the right look. Creating a neat gallery might seem like the ideal solution but you’d be wrong. In most cases a single statement piece can prove to be very effective. A full-length mirror, for example, can give the effect of a larger space as well as looking very stylish.

2. Seating plan

A good seating plan in the home is key to a relaxed atmosphere. Most people don’t make the most of their space and often fall into the trap, that just because you might have a small interior you need to have small furniture. Not the case, large sofas can look very effective. However, attention needs to be paid in making sure they don’t obscure windows or over crowd doors or entrance points. You also need to determine how you're going to use the space in the right way.

3. Coffee table

Like a jigsaw, the coffee table is a vital piece of the design puzzle. It mustn’t be too overbearing or so small that it gets overlooked. The coffee table should offer itself as a functional aspect of your home decor. Whether it's holding a cup of coffee or a stack of your favourite magazines, it shouldn't be placed in the room for no reason. There should also be plenty of room around the outside and around the corners for you to move freely about without knocking into it.

4. Mood lighting

Most modern interiors can benefit from a good table lamp. One that offers as a contemporary decorative piece as well a practical lighting source. Most table lamps serve a purpose, whether its task or ambient light make sure you select one that is perfect for the room. If you like things to match up then two identical lamps on either end of a side table or console will look great. Alternatively, different sized lamps can be just as effective, such as table and floor lamp of similar design.

 5. In the bedroom

The main focal point of any bedroom is normally the bed itself. So in order to make this feature stand out you should use the headboard as the finishing touch. If you don’t have the luxury of a headboard then the blank space behind it can be tough to fill. You can fit a headboard yourself, and when choosing one make sure it suits the decor and colour scheme of the room. Also give consideration to the ceiling height and remember to use creativity, as this is reflective of your own personality.


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